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Catholic resistance to Nazi Germany was a component of German resistance to Nazism and of Resistance during World War II. The role of the Church during the Nazi years.

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  • Who was Archbishop Oscar Romero? - Romero Trust Oscar Romero was Archbishop of San Salvador. He was assassinated on Monday March 24th 1980 as he was celebrating Mass in the chapel of the Divine Providence cancer.
  • Romero's Homilies and Writings | The Archbishop Romero Trust Here you will find Romero's homilies in English and Spanish, a recording for those homilies where audio exists, Romero's Pastoral Letters, the text and audio of his.
  • Rutilio Grande - Wikipedia Life and work. Rutilio Grande was born on 5 July 1928, the youngest of 7 children, to a poor family in El Paisnal, El Salvador. His parents divorced when he was young.
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